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SimiPlex Technologies is a high-tech technology solution service provider and was founded in 2006 by Avrohom Gottheil.

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Temperature Monitoring Solution

Proper refrigeration is vital for preserving the quality and safety of perishable food items. However, it’s impossible to manually monitor equipment 24 hours a day. It’s expensive, labor-intensive, the readings may not be accurate, and monitoring efforts are often duplicated in order to meet overlapping regulatory requirements. Operational efficiency suffers as a result, increasing the risk for non-compliance and food safety incidents. 

Panic Button Solution

 Panic buttons are small push-button devices that your staff can wear on a lanyard or clipped on.  When the button is pressed, it will send text and email alerts with pinpoint accuracy of distress location to a list of designated recipients such as security personnel. The distress location also appears on the property’s floor plan. 

Workplace Occupancy

Additional Information

 Workplace Occupancy Monitoring Sensors can greatly reduce your operational expenses by providing you with valuable insights into exactly how your office space is being used. These insights allow you to make well-informed decisions regarding your office space, which, on average, costs businesses around $46 per square foot, per year. These well-informed decisions typically lead to a 20% increase in workspace utilization, a 30% increase in office capacity, and, of course, ROI—companies who track office utilization and act on it are twice as likely to report cost savings or cost avoidance opportunities. 

The main workplace occupancy sensors are:

Desk Occupancy

Room Occupancy

People Counting

You can also add on environmental monitoring for:





Conference Room

Conference Room

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