Government IoT (GIoT)

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Parks & Wildlife



Emergency Notification System



Smart Grids & Transportation

A Holiday in a Smart City

 We're living in a day and age when everything seems to be smart. We have smart homes, smart enterprises, and even smart cities! With all this hype about smart technology, what's it actually like to live in a fully-integrated smart city? Let's close our eyes and imagine...

IoT In The Wild

 When thinking of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology, the thought that comes to mind is civilization. You imagine a sprawling, urban metropolis with magnificent, picturesque skyscrapers and automated municipal conveyances delivering all sorts of cutting-edge conveniences. The truth is, that IoT Technology provides benefits for all facets of life – city dwellers, country farmers, and even wildlife! Yes! Believe it or not, wild animals in the African jungle are joining the IoT movement! 

Emergency Notification System

This video shows how a smart city can leverage unified messaging during an emergency, to take control of the message, ensure that the public is accurately notified, and restore order and calm to an otherwise tense situation.

Notifications can be sent via standard messaging channels, such as WhatsApp, Skype, SMS Text, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and more.  

Smart City

As a citizen of a progressive smart city, I get around town via mass transit. Traversing a city via mass transit has its challenges. The thoughts running through my head are: When is this bus coming? How many available seats are on the bus? How many people are waiting at the bus stop? 

This demo shows how smart city technology can be easily controlled and send notifications via standard messaging channels, such as WhatsApp, Skype, SMS Text, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and more.  

Industrial IoT (IIOT)

IoT & Manufacturing


IoT and Manufacturing

Can you imagine what it must take to keep a manufacturing plant running 24 x 7 x 365? If something were to suddenly stop working, the entire production line could get damaged. In order to prevent that from happening, there are frequent times when a manufacturing plant has to shut down for maintenance. 

Why take down an entire plant so often just to change a few assembly belts? Certainly, there has to be a better way to do maintenance!

IoT and Shipping

There are so many moving pieces that are interdependent with one another. What would happen if one piece of the puzzle were to suddenly stop? For example, what happens when a ship is late to port? Trucks that arrive to pick up the containers sit there and wait, sometimes for days, while racking up costs for the business owners!  This is one segment of Industrial IoT that can realize an immediate ROI.

Consumer IoT (CIoT)

Smart Home

Smart Homes

Energy Efficiency

Smart Fridge

Smart Homes

Intelligent IoT Messaging

for Smart Homes

Health Tech

Smart Homes

Intelligent IoT Messaging for Smart Home Healthcare

Energy Efficiency With IoT

Smart homes and home automation have become big buzzwords. Everyone is looking for the latest cool gadget with which to “smart-enable” their homes. Home builders are seriously considering adding smart home features to their new developments. The giants, such as Amazon, Google, and even Apple are all investing heavily in this multi-billion-dollar industry to control your smart home. Besides the WOW factor, what are some of the practical applications of smart home technologies? 

Intelligent IoT Messaging for Smart Homes

Intelligent IoT Messaging for Smart Home Health Care